Healthy Drinks at Starbucks

If you’re a dietitian, there’s good news for you: You can order healthy drinks at Starbucks! Whether you’re in the mood for a caffeine-fueled coffee or a sweet, milk-based treat, you can easily find an order that’s low in sugar and dairy, while still being delicious. Choose from teas, lattes, or a refreshing iced drink. Registered dietitians and Starbucks-obsessed influencers have recommended the best drinks to order, and you can get them at your local Starbucks location!

Shaken iced green tea

If you have never had a shaken iced green tea at Starbucks, you’re missing out on one of the best drinks in the world. This beverage combines the benefits of green tea and coffee with the added flavor of ice. The tea is brewed twice as strong than regular iced tea and is served with ice cubes. The beverage is served unsweetened, but you can add additional flavorings to customize your drink. Shaken iced green tea at Starbucks is the perfect drink for those hot days when you need a little pick me up.

You can find Starbucks Iced Green Tea in four sizes, and you can mix your own at home. The tea is made using concentrated Jade Citrus Mint, which is difficult to find in store shelves, but you can buy tea bags online. You should also use high-quality water to make the best tasting drink. Filtered water is the best choice, as it creates a smoother ice.

Caspero’s tea

The Caspero beverage at Starbucks is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a caffeine-packed drink but do not want to indulge in a large, caffeinated beverage. This beverage contains equal parts water and espresso, and while it may be rich in caffeine, it is surprisingly low in calories. A grande-sized serving only has 15 … Read More