Recumbent Bike Workouts for Elders

Our dear elderly people love to get fit also along with the other health buffs everywhere. Whether for leisure or to improve a medical condition, exercising is a needed routine for the benefit of their bodies. But being elderly, the muscles are more sensitive to pressure, and the joints could not handle much strenuous movements too. The perfect exercise equipment for our elderly without worrying on pressure that might strain the muscles is a recumbent bike.

Now, let me tell you why. The best recumbent bike is functioning like a regular exercise bike, but is made differently. The cranks are in front of you, and the bucket seat has a backrest so your lower back and the muscles at your butt would not be placed under pressure.   This takes stress off your butt and lower back while you are pedaling. Recumbent bikes burn calories and benefits the muscles at the lower body. It tones the many muscles at the butt and legs.

For elderly people, it is wise to consult with a fitness instructor and a physician first in outlining a fitness plan when using recumbent bikes in order to compromise with underlying medical conditions. But here is a workout plan designed for elderly people who are beginners.

Step 1-Stretching is a must

Before you position yourself at the recumbent bike, you should do some stretching exercises first in order to warm up your muscles and joints. Examples of stretches are alternating toe touches, ankle bounces, forward bends, forward and side leg swings, knee highs, lateral lunges, and spinal rotations. Going through these stretches will get your body ready for the recumbent bike exercise that will make certain that the muscles and the joints will not be in shock once they are into work.

Step 2- Pedal at a light intensity first

It’s either you start pedalling or you will press the “Start” button to get started. Depending on your bike model, a digital screen will show up.

You need to slip your feet into the stirrups on the pedals. Light intensity in pedalling is preferred as a warm-up. You will gradually increase your pace in five minutes. This will loosen up your joints and then increase your body temperature.

Step 3- Good form of cycling

It is important to have a good form during cycling. You should adjust your legs so that it will just be short of its full extension as you turn the cranks. Then hold the handles at the bottom of the seat, or you could place your hands at the handlebars in front. Move in a consistent motion as you forcefully push your legs in turning the cranks.

Step 4-Comfortable but challenging and difficult exercise pace

Balance your increasing exercise pace between being challenging and difficult. The main goal is that your speed and resistance should contribute to you’re the level of comfort in your pace. You should be heavily breathing and then sweating. Be consistent with the motion during your workout time.

Step 5- Increase your resistance and speed

Your pedaling could be about 70 to 80 maximum effort for every 30 seconds. Then it could be that your effort will be 50 percent for a minute. Alternate it too. Cool down for five minutes after.

Your commitment and interest should motivate you in pedalling at the recumbent bike, but you should consult with your physician first on the proper workout routine for you especially that your body is more sensitive to strenuous exercises than before, and we don’t want to aggravate your medical conditions. Exercising should make your life better and not worsen it at the long run.

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