Caring For Your Knee To Relieve Pain

If you’re experiencing knee pain of any kind, it can often be debilitating if you are unsure of the treatment options available. While elevating your leg to take the pressure off of your knee is a good starting point, there are other things that you want to consider doing in order to try to relieve swelling and inflammation that could be present. Here are a few things to keep in mind that you want to try to do and some treatment options that you want to avoid.

Caring For Your Knee To Relieve Pain

Even though you might want to rest as much as possible to try to relieve the pain that you feel, it’s important to try to move around and keep the joints and muscles active so that they don’t lock in place because of not being used. One type of knee pain treatment vancouver wa offices offer is physical therapy. There are different range of motion exercises that can be performed that can keep you moving around while at home until further treatments are discussed. If you’re unable to walk or exercise normally, then consider water aerobics. This can help take the pressure off of your knee and other areas of your body while still providing the movement that you need.

Try to do things during the day that can decrease the risk of falling. If you fall and injure the knee that is already causing issues, then it could result in surgery being needed to correct the additional problems or not being able to bear weight on your knee for an extended time. Make sure you walk in areas that are well-lit and that you don’t walk on rugs or floors that appear to be unstable. Try not to walk up and down stairs more than needed as you could lose your balance.

Rest your knee for a short time during the day while putting ice on it to reduce swelling. You should also apply a minimal amount of compression to keep the blood flowing as it should. This can help lower the risk of a blood clot that could develop if you continue to leave your knee elevated with no movement. Try not to stand in one place for an extended period of time. If you’re overweight, then talk to your doctor about how you can lose weight as this can sometimes lead to issues with your joints, such as your knees.

Consider using a cane or crutches if the pain becomes unbearable. Although you might think that this is an option for someone who is older, it’s an option that can sometimes prevent you from falling. A brace can be worn as well. Your doctor can prescribe a medical brace if you aren’t sure what kind to get. If treatments that you do on your own don’t work, then consult with your doctor about surgical options that are available. Sometimes, the cartilage in your knee might need to be repaired or the joint itself, which would mean that you would need a knee replacement.

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