What does vaping and smoking do to athletes?

What does vaping and smoking do to athletes?

Usually we don’t link smoking with athletics and sports. The image which we conjure in our minds regarding the sportsmen and smoker is at the most that they’re stars and they will have a celebrity cigar. If you take into account Michael Jordan is a good example that he has been photographed with a cigar in his hand while winning his championships. Can you imagine an athlete taking a drag of tobacco and running around in the field? This can become heavily enticing and this can even lead to heavy coughing. Let’s take a look at the effects smoking and vaping can have on the health of the athletes.

Smoking and athletes – Why is it bad?

Experts have broken down the reasons behind why smoking can be bad for the athletes and sportsmen. The first reason is heart rate as smoking is said to boost the heart rate and this is mostly due to the nicotine that is available. When the baseline heart rate increases, this will decrease the maximum heart rate. Sportsmen excel by increasing their baseline heart rate and this is what gives their blood racing.

The next area of concern is their blood pressure. The chemical within your body which dilates and also relaxes the blood vessels within your body is nitric oxide. This way, more blood can flow and deliver oxygen to the muscles of the athlete. When an athlete smokes, this can decrease the formation of nitric oxide and this will lead to constricted blood vessels. This will worsen his performance as an athlete.

The third area of concern is lung capacity which is even affected by smoking. They will develop loss of lung elasticity and henceforth your lungs won’t expand and it will have less capacity of oxygen. When there will be less room for oxygen, you will get winded sooner and you will also have to push yourself harder as an athlete.

What is the effect of vaping?

Vaping doesn’t have a bad impact on your lungs as smoking. There is no tar which can coat them and there is anecdotal evidence which tell is that people are able to breathe easily when they switch to vaping and when they quit smoking. Since vaping doesn’t have carbon monoxide like smoking, there is no chance of slowing down blood flow to different parts of the body.

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