Pizza Hut Flavors 101: A Guide to Specialty Pizzas

As one of the leading pizza companies in the world, Pizza Hut quality is surely a tough one to beat. With their specialty pan pizzas, world-famous flavors, and mouthwatering ingredients, Pizza Hut is a food chain you can go to whenever your pizza cravings kick in. However, selecting the perfect pizza flavor can be overwhelming sometimes, especially with tons of options to choose from.

We listed down some of the most popular flavors that Pizza Hut offers to narrow down your huge range of options. From vegan pan pizzas to all-cheese toppings, this list has every best-seller you should try.

Pepperoni Pizza

Starting off the list is the cult classic pepperoni pizza. This flavor has been around since forever and is one that you can rely on. Pepperoni’s meaty and slightly spicy taste combined with the sweetness of red tomato sauce makes it an all-time favorite pizza topping among Americans.

Meat Lover’s Pizza

For avid meat lovers, this flavor is a must-try. The dough is coated with marinara sauce and then topped with ham, bacon, pepperoni, hot sausage, and different types of cheese. So, if you like everything meat, the Meat Lover’s Pizza is an excellent choice.

Veggie Lover’s Pizza

To the vegans and vegetarians, or anyone who just doesn’t want meat, the Veggie Lover’s Pizza is the perfect option. Even without any meat, it is filled with so much flavor from black olives, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and green peppers. If margarita, which is another no-meat option, is too plain for you, then try Pizza Hut’s Veggie Lover’s Pizza.

Hawaiian Pizza

While there is still an ongoing debate about whether pineapples are a good pizza topping or not, there is no doubt that the Hawaiian Pizza is one of Pizza Hut’s best-selling flavors. This is a popular go-to for some … Read More