New York Family Health Plus Plans

If you’re in need of health insurance coverage for your family, you may want to check out Family Health Plus plans. These plans are a type of public health insurance available to single adults, couples without children, and parents with limited income. To qualify for Family Health Plus, you must live in New York State. You may also be eligible for Medicaid, which provides medical assistance for low-income families. In addition to being low-income, you must also meet certain age and disability requirements.

Child Health Plus

Families can apply for Child Health Plus through the NY State of Health Marketplace. This program offers comprehensive health care services for children under the age of 19 who are uninsured. Children cannot be public employees or be covered under Children’s Medicaid. For eligibility, parents must provide proof of age, citizenship, identity, and household income.

Additionally, families must meet income guidelines set by the New York State Department of Health. Children in this plan do not pay co-payments or deductibles.

In New York, children can receive health care coverage for free or very low cost through Child Health Plus. To qualify for Child Health Plus, a family must have income below 400% of the federal poverty level (FPL), be ineligible for Medicaid, and reside in the state. Families may apply through the NY State of Health to qualify for a free or low-cost health insurance plan.

However, if income exceeds 160% of the FPL, they must pay a monthly premium. All health services through CHP are managed care plans.

HIV Special Needs Plan

Those with AIDS and HIV are eligible to join the HIV Special Needs Plan (SNP), a Medicaid health plan. HIV-positive adults and their dependent children may join this plan as well. The SNP provides basic health care coverage as well as … Read More