Creating the Perfect Home Office

Every room in our homes should reflect who we are, what we enjoy, and how we function. For those of us who work out of our houses, the home office often becomes the most important room in our homes. Home offices can be sleek and stylish, or cluttered and lacking function. In this blog, we’ll provide tips on creating the perfect home office, allowing you to work efficiently and showcase what makes you special.

Tip 1: Simplify the Home Office

In the quest to get our work done, office materials often pile up. Stacks of paperwork and books, office supplies, and tangled cords are the hallmarks of a neglected home office. The first step in creating a functional and relaxing home office is to simplify, and that means decluttering the space. Organize and file papers. Invest in storage for those office supplies gathering dust on every flat surface. Detangle computer and electronics cords using cord-management solutions. The key here is to evaluate the things you use every day, and the things that are simply taking up space. If you need a particular stack of paperwork or supplies, keep it nearby; otherwise, pack it away into a closet or storage rack. Excess furniture takes up space and impedes smooth flow into, out of, and around the office. Consider removing the unused and unneeded furniture to free up critical space.

One way of helping to keep track of deadlines and important pieces of paper is to create a cork board. On one wall of the home office, put up a cork board – this will reduce clutter around the desk area and allow you to focus on the important tasks you need to take care of.

Tip 2: Use Lighting to Create Tranquility

Lighting is an important part of any workspace, and this is especially true of the home office. Glaring fluorescent bulbs have been shown to cause eye strain and reduced productivity, while their incessant buzzing can make concentration difficult. Consider replacing fluorescents with high-efficiency LED bulbs. These bulbs produce a more natural light, reducing eye strain and improving concentration.

Task lighting is superior to overhead lights as well. Lights on the desk and in areas where work is conducted can help you focus on the tasks at hand while often saving energy. Overheads are inefficient, wasting electricity and creating an unwelcome space.

If you have an office with no windows, a light that mimics natural sunlight is also a great choice. These lights can boost your mood while laying the groundwork for a tranquil, peaceful space that lets you get your work done efficiently.

Tip 3: Boost the Tranquility with Essential Oils

Want to bring peace and calmness to your home office? Aromatherapy diffusers are a great solution. Products like Bare Oils can impart a tranquil feel to the workspace; simply add a few drops to a diffuser and enjoy the clear mind and peaceful state the oils produce. A gentle spray of Bare Oils on curtains and upholstery can also help. The fragrances in these oils can be used to improve concentration, reduce stress, or increase productivity. Give these tips a try, and enjoy your simplified, decluttered, and incredibly tranquil home office.

Dennis Wong, the co-founder of YOR Health, can be found online here and here if you’d like to learn more.

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